CooperVision's Sustainable Change

CooperVision is trailblazing the way for net plastic neutrality[1,2]. They made their clariti® 1 day lenses the first ever net plastic neutral contact lens family[1]. They’re pushing their sustainability efforts further by doing the same with their MyDay® contact lenses. Join us in making an impact by asking our eye doctor (Dr. Caro) about net plastic neutral contact lenses[1].

1. Net Plastic Neutrality, in the contact lens industry, out of the top 4 global contact lens manufacturers. Net plastic neutrality is established by purchasing credits from Plastic Bank. A credit represents the collection and conversion of one kilogram of plastic that may reach or be destined for waterways; collection locations are determined by Plastic Bank. CooperVision purchases credits equal to the weight of plastic in clariti® 1 day and MyDay® US orders in a specified time period. clariti® 1 day and MyDay® plastic is determined by the weight of plastic in the blister, the lens, and the secondary package, including laminates, adhesives, and auxiliary inputs (e.g. ink).
2. CVI data on file, 2022.
3. clariti® 1 day is defined as orders and includes clariti® 1 day sphere, clariti® 1 day toric, and clariti® 1 day multifocal product sold & distributed by CooperVision in the US.